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Naz Silver Danglers - Dinosaur Bone

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Real, Natural Dinosaur Bone gemstones handcrafted in pure 92.5 Sterling Silver Long Drop Dangler Earrings.

  • Material - 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • Semi-precious stone - Dinosaur Bone Agate gemstones
  • Handcrafted
  • Natural Stones - Yes
  • Hallmark Stamp - 925


Gembone, also known as Gem Bone, Agatized Dinosaur Bone, or Dinogem, is mineralized bone, often dinosaur bone, which occurs when minerals from groundwater are deposited within the bones. It is one of five gemstones created from liviing organisms (the others being pearl, ammolite, amber and jet).


These are naturally occuring stones & hence no 2 stones will be exactly the same. The piece you receive might vary slightly in shape, size & colour. The overall look & feel & approx. weight will be the same.


Click HERE to know about 92.5 Sterling Silver Care & Cleaning.

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